Case Study

Georgian Apartment in Sydney Place, Bath

This Grade I Listed Georgian apartment badly needed modernising and the décor was drab and dated.

This two bedroom apartment was created from the 1st floor of this once majestic Georgian House.

The area would once have been a pair of impressive high ceiling rooms connected with large ‘Wedding Doors’ which could be opened to form a large entertaining hall.

The kitchen had been situated inside the ‘Wedding Doors’ in the sitting room and the front room had been made into 2 bedrooms.

The kitchen was dated oak with drab terra cotta tiles.

We totally renovated the apartment filling it with light neutral tones and rich walnut furniture.

The four metre high windows were dressed with silks and satins and a motorised roller blind and roman blind controlled the daylight in the sitting room.

The dated kitchen was replaced with elegant walnut and painted bespoke units and integrated appliances. The lighting throughout was controlled by Lutron systems.